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Hillside Honey and Farm Products

Get to know our Farmers Market Vendors 

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Hillside Honey and Farm Products

261 Hillside Road, Andes


Hillside Honey and Farm Products are regulars at the Andes Indoor Farm Market setting honey, jam, jelly, eggs, beeswax lip balm, and mushrooms when in season.

Wondering how Hillside Honey and Farm Products got their start?

It all starts with hobbies gone wild!

The jam and jelly part of the business came about when a local store found out that they were making homemade varieties. The "lost art" as they put it, had the type of product they were looking to sell.

Fresh eggs were something that the family wanted for themselves. There were too many for them to consume, so they began selling the surplus when they had them. Honeybees came into their lives as a way to fill in some "free time" after retirement. 2 hives turned into 32 and here they were again, hobbies gone wild!


Beeswax lip balm, and hopefully candles, soon will use some of the surplus wax.

Then there are the mushrooms. Cooperative Extension offered a class on growing your own shiitake mushrooms and their 2 logs turned into 102!

They try to use as much of their property as they can to raise and cultivate food for themselves and sell the surplus to offset the costs involved.